The 2nd Django Tokyo Festival 2017.8.26 (Sat), 8.27 (Sun)

Ticket Registration Form

8.26 (Sat) open 12:00 Main stage 14:00 - 20:00 Sub stage 13:00 - 18:00
8.27(Sun)open 11:00 Main stage 14:30 - 19:30 Sub stage13:00 - 18:00

8.26(Sat)ADV: 3,500yen Door: 4,000yen
8.27(Sun)ADV: 5,000yen Door: 5,500yen
※Free for all children under 6 years : Must be Accompanied by an adult
※Rain or Shine
※Refund requests cannot be accepted for changes in the cast or the program.
※You can come and go freely. (You must keep a valid ticket)
※Air-conditioned resting rooms for parents and children to use together are available within the venue
※Multipurpose restrooms with diaper changing tables are available.
We cannot send that overseas.
We regret that we cannot send tickets abroad.

Shipping fee: 200 JPY. We will inform you about the payment amount and payment method.
You can buy tickets through this registration form till August 15th.
PIA(till 8.14): P-Chord(8.26:335-998、8.27:335-999)※You can also purchase ticket at Seven-Eleven or Sunkus convenience stores.

■rocedure for purchasing tickets
1、Please fill in the form below
2、You will receive an auto reply massage
※If you cannot receive an auto reply message, please use a different email account
3、We will email you for the confirmation of payment and the details of payment method.
4、Pay a bill (through bank transfer or credit card) within one week.
※If you use a credit card, please register for PayPal in advance and pay a bill through the service.
5、Once the payment is confirmed, we will mail the tickets to your address through Yamato Transport (DM).

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2nd day 8.27 ADV : 5000yen
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